Our Investment Beliefs

The Rebalance business and investment philosophy is centered around our clients. Our belief is that an investment philosophy should start at client level with the financial advisor and build up to portfolio level with the investment manager. We are proponents of multi-management.

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Specialisation is an integral factor to optimal client service. For this reason we are not reinventing the wheel but rather partnering with various Financial Service Providers to assist with optimal client service. There is an existing trust relationship between the client and his financial advisor.
Our goal is to build and add to this by way of our asset consulting, portfolio and retirement fund management skills and products. The Rebalance skills and products are aimed at providing financial advisors with a total solution from specialist client support to investment management.


How to invest

Rebalance Fund Managers exclusively work with financial advisors. Clients invest with us though their financial advisors. Should you wish to invest with us but do not have a financial advisor please contact us as we can introduce you to the financial advisors within our network.  

Our Products

As a solution-driven investment manager, we strive to provide financial advisors and clients with a full set of products. Our products are tailored for both individuals and entities.

Our Funds

We manage four types of mandates. Our retail and institutional funds are constructed around these mandates and each developed for a specific target market.
All our funds are multi managed and constructed according to a specialist building block approach. We believe in active asset allocation and utilise both active and passive managers within our mandates. Although the decision to utilise a passive manager or instrument will not be based on the lack of a suitable active manager but rather based on a decision to capture asset class alpha through active asset allocation.

Established in 2009

This partnership was formalised in mid-2010 with the establishment of Rebalance Investments (Pty) Ltd. Rebalance initially utilised external asset management capabilities to manage our products. At the beginning of 2014, our asset management capabilities were expanded and internalised with the formation of Rebalance Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd, an authorised discretionary investment manager.

Fully Accredited

The financial services sector in South Africa has strict legislation in place to ensure product reliability and legislative compliance on the part of Financial Services Providers.
At Rebalance Fund Managers we believe that stringent compliance processes protect our clients, stakeholders and safeguard good business practice.

Industry Best Practise

Our funds conform to the traditional risk & return profile. They range from conservative to aggressive and with more returns comes more risk.
We added an additional profile element to our funds – a time or cash flow maturity profile. This enables the investor to select a fund according to his investment horizon or time to cash flow need.


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Clients are advised but their initial investment plan is never reviewed nor revisited despite the fact that many factors that constitute such a plan may and will change over time.  The clients own personal situation change; his needs and objectives change as his life progress; financial markets change over time. As these factors (and many others) change, the client’s strategy needs to be adjusted accordingly.

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